Sacred and Marfinsky orthodox brotherhood

Geography: Grodno
Helps: The orphan’s children, disabled children (in establishments), Adult disabled people (in establishments)

Kinds of activity Social service, Missionary activity, Organization of pilgrimage, Sporting events, Conversations, meetings, tea drinking, Organization of holidays, Help in the temple

The sacred and Marfinsky orthodox brotherhood is based at Sacred and Marfinsky church of Grodno in September, 2007 by the priest Vyacheslav Gaplichnik. Since January, 2009 the spiritual mentor is the clergyman of Sacred and Marfinsky church priest Alexander Guk.
The brotherhood consists of aged people from 16 to 40 years united by the general belief and aspiration to live according to Christian moral. Purpose of the Sacred and Marfinsky brotherhood: “Not a brotherhood for a bratchik, and a bratchik for a brotherhood”.

“Be perfect as the Father your Heavenly” is made (Mf.5:48) – the Lord our Jesus Christ in the Gospel from Matfey calls. And in a parallel place of the Gospel from Luka On speaks: “So, be miloserda, as well as your Father милосерд” (Luk.6:36). Thus, Christ Redeemer specifies that the most direct way in likening to God and achievement of perfection is a way of mercy. Therefore the Sacred and Marfinsky brotherhood chose as a main type of the activity affairs of mercy and social work.
Objects of care:
Ponemunsky orphanage of the displaced type (Grodno Ponemunskaya St. 19). For pupils of orphanage the Sacred and Marfinsky brotherhood organizes pilgrim trips on the holy sites, festive programs for Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day. In a post members of a brotherhood help children to be prepared for Saint Christoff Tain’ communicating. Two times a month members of a brotherhood visit children for the purpose of communication and spiritual and moral education. At a baptism of juvenile children of orphanage members of a brotherhood become God parents.
Children’s office of GOKTs “Psychiatry narcology” of Grodno (Grodno pr-kt Astronauts 60/6). For children bratchik organize holidays for Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day. Two times a month members of the Sacred and Marfinsky brotherhood visit office for carrying out the developing occupations, dukhovn-moral conversations and communication.

Office day stay of disabled people (Grodno Vrublevsky St. 76 and), the Children’s rehabilitation center for disabled children (Grodno St. BLK 33) – the organization of festive programs for Christmas, Easter, Day of disabled people.

Correctional facility of open type No. 24 (Grodno Lidskaya St. 29) – the organization of the festive program for Hristovao’s Christmas, commission of a prayer “About in dungeons and in an imprisonment real”, the help in visit of the temple and church services.

Besides, the Sacred Marfinsky brotherhood helps with organization of events to orthodox family club “Vozrozhdeniye” and looks after ailing parishioners.

Also Marfinsky brotherhood conducts patronage of graduates of Sunday school, organized in Apostoliki group. With members of this group bratchik give katekhezichesky classes and lessons of a skauting, preparing them for the introduction in a brotherhood.

Except social actions bratchik in common spend time, look through movies, play volleyball, organize campaigns, leave in pilgrimage and on picnics, discuss the exciting subjects and theological questions. The particular interest is shown to modern subcultures. The prayer for youth or the acathist “About the dead” is weekly made. In each post there is an all-brotherly participle. Annually Sacred and Marfinsky brotherhood organizes competition in volleyball among orthodox brotherhoods of Grodno.

We need help:

We invite: active orthodox Christians which want not only to carry out in common rest and to have a good time, but also to bear social service

Contact information
Guk Alexander Ivanovich
clergyman of Sacred and Marfinsky church
Tel: (+37529)5813795

Address: Grodno Prigorodnaya St. 1
Web sait:

Additional data:
chairman Sergey Rynda of ph. 6862784 (MTS),
Internet administrator Kuzmitsky Evgeny of ph. 2839593 (MTS),
Elena Shinkevich, responsible for work with orphanage, of ph. 2855392 (MTS),
responsible for work Tatyana Kolb in children’s psychiatric office of ph. 7864244 (MTS),
Pelageya Pashchenko, responsible for work with “Apostolikami”, of ph. 7431207 (MTS).

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